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The majority of JRoots Journeys are run in cooperation with a community organisation, school, synagogue, campus organisation etc. If you want your organisation to run a trip please contact us. We also run ‘open community trips’ a number of times a year where the group is made of Jewish people interested in their heritage from a variety of places and backgrounds.

There is no doubt that visiting sites of the Holocaust is an emotional burden. A JRoots journey is designed to focus not just on death but on the rich Jewish life in Europe before the Holocaust. With stories of heroism and survival as well as the story of destruction a JRoots journey is an opportunity to deal with extremely difficult places and issues in a structured and supportive environment.

JRoots understand that there are stories of Jewish heritage to be told across the four corners of the earth where Jews have lived. Check out our destinations area to see some of the other enriching Jewish Journeys on offer.

There is a lot of walking whilst in Poland and unfortunately not all sites have suitable wheelchair access. If you have specific needs please make sure to let us know in advance and we can give you more specific advice based on your needs

JRoots works together with a number of Kosher caterers to provide varied and high quality food throughout. There are a number of food options available ranging from our standard menus all the way through to our deluxe five star menus with waiter service and porcelain throughout.

The weather in Poland varies from extremely cold winters with thick snow to hot summers. You will need to pack accordingly, for a winter trip your snow boots will be your essential item whilst in the summer don’t forget your sun cream and insect repellent.

Firstly make sure you speak to family members to find out your family history. If we know about a specific family connection ahead of time, our educators can try their best to incorporate it into the journey. Additionally the more you read to prepare for the trip the better. You can click here for our recommended ‘Reading List’

If your family story is not able to be built into the group itinerary then we are able to arrange private visits with local guides. Please bear in mind that these visits will be charged in addition to the price of the programme.

There will be the chance to say memorial prayers and Kaddish for family members at places of significance even if you are not sure of their final resting place.

A journey to Poland is an emotional and powerful experience and therefore we do not recommend bringing children below the age of 16 on a JRoots Poland journey.

JRoots journeys will include hotels, meals, transport and guides. If you wish, JRoots can arrange flights on your behalf. The specifics of what is included will be made clear on your trip proposal and all elements of the trip are subject to change, based on what will suit you.

JRoots have been running hundreds of trips to Eastern Europe over the past ten years and have never had any serious cause for concern. We take all security advice seriously and during free time participants are advised not to walk out alone. Some groups take the option of a security guard together with the group at all times but many groups take place without a security guard.

All participants on JRoots trips must arrange travel and health insurance before the trip begins.